Mardec R.K.Latex Pvt Ltd(MRK) produces a wide range of innovative rubber based products which have earned a reputation for their consistent quality and timely delivery.

1.Centrifuged Natural Rubber Latex (Latex concentrate)

Our centrifuged latex (cenex) which is considered as the best in the world is used by manufacturers of condoms, gloves, mattresses, balloons, adhesives, etc..

The Cenex grades are:

i)General Purpose Cenex Grades : Suitable for all low VFA applications

ii)LA, MA, HA, FA – All preservation types available as per customer requirement.

iii)Condom Grades suiting all dip lines type:

iv)Gloves Grades with Low Protein Content :

v)Adhesive Grades with various Viscosity levels & Tackiness

vi)Pre-Vulcanized NRL for various applications.

vii)Coir Mattress Grade with low Gun Chocking issues and higher chemical stability for a better pot life.

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2.Creamed Latex

Mattress, rubberized Coir, Balloon & adhesive manufacturers use cream latex.

Available Grades:

1.Cream Latex 52 % LA , MA , HA

2.Cream Latex 55 % LA , MA , HA

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3.Latex Adhesive

It is a natural product made of Latex.  It is an environment friendly semi-synthetic product having high solid contents and bonding strength.  It is suitable for bonding surfaces and used in Footwear, Rexine, Automotive & Leather Industry.

Pack Sizes: 1 Ltr. Pouch , 5 Ltr. Can , 205 Ltr. Drum & other customized packs.

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4.Pale Latex Crepe (PLC)

This grade is produced from the fresh coagula of natural liquid latex under conditions where all processes are carefully and uniformly controlled. This has superior heat ageing resistance. It exhibits excellent vulcanizate properties including high tensile strength, modulus and elongation at break.

MRK PLC with uniform light color is an ideal choice for the production of light colored or transparent products such as shoe sole, pressure sensitive tapes, surgical and pharmaceutical products, industrial printing rollers, and gaskets.

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