Mardec R.K.Latex Pvt Ltd(MRK) produces a wide range of innovative rubber based products which have earned a reputation for their consistent quality and timely delivery.

6.Skim Crepe

It is a crepe rubber that made from the rubber by product of latex centrifuging process and skim rubber which has 3-5% rubber. MRK Skim is similar to that of SMR 5 with higher content of nitrogen. It has high initial Mooney viscosity. It is fast curing and slightly more scorchy than conventional grades of natural rubber. This inherent behavior can be overcome by the use of delayed action accelerators.

This can be advantageously used in tyre re-treading compounds, ebonite products and microcellular products as well as in general rubber goods such as car mats, flaps, rubber tiles and shoe soles. This can also be blended with other Natural rubber grades in the right proportion to get the desired quality of end products thereby saving substantial cost of raw material.

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