Mardec R.K.Latex Pvt Ltd(MRK) produces a wide range of innovative rubber based products which have earned a reputation for their consistent quality and timely delivery.

7.Carpet Backing Compound

Super MAT grade is a Synthetic + Natural Latex Mix for binding and protective coating possessing weather resistant, water proofing and washable properties. This is an adhesive compound providing bond among various cotton, jute and such other fibers used in carpet manufacturing industries. It is a thick soft paste formulated with the blend of Natural Rubber, Polymers, Special Additives and Preservatives. Though the product is air drying, it can be heated at about 100 degree Centigrade as per the specific production requirements. When cured perfectly, compound layer so formed is tough, washable, abrasion/fungus resistant, water & Oil proof, and Non cracking.

Super MAT compound specifically applied at the back of carpets for the purpose of bonding and increasing dimensional stability. This is also used as the reinforcing layer strengthening the carpet and contributing to its weight for smooth laying.

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